Core Area

The core area except the permissible small areas as mentioned below is kept out of the Tourism zone. However, three areas in the core area would be open for the tourists in a regulated manner for religious and educational purposes.

1. Mahakal cave: This ancient Lord Shiva’s pilgrimage site lies in Bhutan. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place. Considering its religious importance transit to this site is provided through the core area only through the Jainty River Bed which is usually dry during the pilgrimage months.

2. Narathali Beel: This is a natural wetland. Every year thousand of winter birds visit the area. Since it lies on Core-Buffer boundary this wetland would be opened for the tourists only during winters for two months up to watch tower. Tourist facility would be created at Beat Office compound.

3. Jayanti Pokhri: This small wetland on high altitude is home to several species of fish and turtles. The trek from Jainty to Pokhri passes through beautiful forest. This site lies close to the Core-Buffer boundary. Tashigaon Watch Tower on way would be allowed for the tourists to have an exposure about duty of staff within Core forests, maintenance of water holes and glades, creation of fodder plantations. This would be as part of Nature Study and generation of awareness about Wild Life of the area.

Buffer Area

Ecotourism is being carried out within a limited area of the Reserve for the present. The Department of Tourism, Govt. of West Bengal has included B.T.R. within the tourist circuit. Presently the main tourist attractions are places scattered all over the East and West Divisions, namely Jainty, Buxaduar, Bhutanghat, Rajabhatkhawa etc. Though, tourists visit this Reserve mainly for nature and adventure tourism and the main focus is on wildlife tourism, difficulty in sighting of wild animals due to dense vegetation and lack of grasslands means that there is a substantial faction of recreational and religious devotion based tourism which also takes place in the core of BTR. Commercialization of tourism within BTR is not compatible with its main objective of protecting bio-diversity of the area. But restricted tourism in the form of nature education tour and eco-tourism help to the people appreciates the need for preserving wilderness values. An enlightened nature tourist is an ally in the cause of bio-diversity conservation.

Along with the regular tourists, BTR also attracts considerable number of picnickers from nearby areas in Jainty, Hatipota, and Kumargram blocks. Day visitors are generally local people, with school children coming in groups. Most day visitors go up to Rajabhatkhawa, visit Nature Interpretation Centre (NIC) and Rescue Centre.

Tourism Zone in Buffer:

  • Jainty Bazaar – The Jainty River and its surrounding hills present a breath taking scenic beauty. The tourists visit Jainty both as day visitor and as halting camp.
  • Buxa Duar – The ruins of Buxa Fort is major tourist attraction. The fort is about 3 Kms from the nearest road head. The trekking to fort passes through hills and is full of scenic beauty.
  • Rajabhatkhawa – The place is popular among tourists. The Nature Interpretation centre, Rescue centre, Vulture Breeding Centre, Nature Trail, Forestry Training Centre is major attractions. A Butterfly Park is proposed here.
  • Poro North and South Eco Parks – The places are very popular centre for picnicking, family gathering, boating and enjoying the natural beauty of Forests. The spot is located on the bank of Poro River.
  • Trek to Jainty Pokhri – This small wetland on high altitude is home to several species of fish and turtles. It’s an ancient Holy wetland and revered by Buddhists and Tribals. The trek passes through beautiful forest.
  • Sikiajhora – The place is on bank of a perennial stream originating from Buxa Forests. Number birds visit the area every year. There is a watch Tower for bird watching which can be improved. The place is already a popular spot for pick nicking. Boating facility can be added.
  • Narathali Beel– There is a natural wetland. Every year thousand of winter birds visit the area.
  • Garam – Dima Nature Observation Tower – The watch tower on the bank of Dima River and vast overlooking Grassland along with a very good view of Buxa Forest, Buxa & Bhutan Hills makes this spot picturesque.

Near by Places of Tourist Attraction

  • Rajbari of Cooch-Behar – The old Palace of Cooch Behar rulers is a beautiful building.
  • Kholta Eco Park – This is small deer park, about 10 Kms from Alipurduar.  Toy train and an Eco park add to the attraction.
  • Baneswar Temple– This old temple is very popular among habitants of Alipurduar and Cooch Behar.
  • Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary – Its about 40 Kms from Damanpur.
  • Patlakhawa Wetlands – It’s about 25 Kms from Alipurduar and is a big attraction during winters due to advent of Himalayan Migratory Birds.

For Booking of Nature Resorts log on to Website of  WBFDC / or DM Buxa Logging, Phone – 255004 / 255022