Flora & Fauna

The Flora :

BTR has a wide range of flora owing to a range of natural parameters like topography, climate, temperature and rainfall. It represents several elements of biodiversity of North-East India and Indo Malayan region, one of the most bio-diverse Indian regions. Around 60% of floral endemic species of NE India are encountered in BTR. It possesses around 1,000 floral species including over 100 species of medicinal plants.

Forest Type :

1 : Riverine Forests
2 : Sal Forests
3 : Dry Mixed Forests
4 : Wet Mixed Forests
5 : Semi Evergreen Forests
6 : Evergreen Forests
7 : Hill Forests
8 : Savannah Forests
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 Buxa Tiger Reserve - Flora Buxa Tiger Reserve - Flora  Buxa Tiger Reserve - Flora

The Fauna :

The Tiger Reserve has a spectacular range of faunal variety. It harbour over 1,000 faunal species including endemic Indo-Malayan species like Chinese Pangolin, Reticulated Python and some endemic species of North-East Indian zone like clouded leopard, Marble cat, Black Necked Crane.

1) Mammals :
68 species of mammals are reported in BTR.

Felines : Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Marble Cat, Leopard Cat, Fishing cat
Canines : Wild Dog, Jackal, hyena
Primates : Rhesus Macaque
Rodents : Indian Giant Squirrel, common Hare, Porcupine
Hoofed animals : Bison, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Hog deer
Pachyderm : Elephant

2) Reptiles, Amphibians & Fishes :

Snakes : King Cobra, Cobra, Reticulated Python, Krait, Vipers etc
Lizards : Common Monitor Lizard, Garden Lizard, Gecko, Skink etc
Amphibians : Common Indian Toad, Indian Bull Frog, Indian Skipper, Rice Field Frog
Fishes : Boal, Kalbus, Mrigel, Chital, Sole etc
Elephant Tiger Hog-Deer
 Chinese-Pangolin  Leopard  Copper-Headed-Trinket-Snake