BTCF Trust



Area of Operation of the Trust Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) and its adjoining landscape, forming the impact zone with possible corridor value for disposal of wild animals from the Tiger Reserve.
Aims of the Trust To facilitate and support the BTR management for conservation of tiger and biodiversity, through multi stakeholder participation as per approved management plans, and to support similar initiatives in adjoining landscapes, consistent with the National and State legislation.
Objective of the Trust i) To facilitate ecological, economic, social and cultural development in the tiger reserve and adjoining landscape.ii) To provide support to safeguard the natural environment in the tiger reserve and relevant places.iii) To facilitate the creation of and/or maintenance of such assets as felt necessary for fulfilling the above said objectives.iv) To solicit technical, financial, social and other support required for the activities of the foundation trust for achieving the above and related fields to support the implementing agency.v) Anything incidental or ancillary to the above for furthering the above said objectives.
Governing Body of the Trust – Composition 1) MIC, Deptt of Forests, GoWB – President
2) MOS, Deptt of Forests, GoWB – Vice President
3) Principal Secretary to GoWB, Deptt of Forests –Member
4) PCCF. Wildlife & CWLW,WB – Member Secretary
5) PCCF, HoFF, WB –Member
6) APCCF, Wildlife,WB – Member
7) CCF, WL(North) – Member
8) FD, BTR – Member
9) DFD, BTR(East)- Member
10) DFD, BTR(West)- Member
11) MLA, Alipurduar – Member
12) MLA, Kumargram – Member
13) MLA, Kalchini – Member
14) Karmadhyaksha, Bon O Bhumi Sanskar Sthayee Samity as representative of Jalpaiguri Zilla Parishad – Member
15) Two prominent scientists or qualified experts in the field – Member (Nominated by State Govt.)
16) Two member of the Executive Committee of BTCFT
Executive Body of the Trust – Composition 1) FD, BTR – Member & Executive Director Cum Treasurer
2) DFD, BTR(East) and One AFD, BTR(East)- Member
3) DFD, BTR(West) and One AFD, BTR(West)- Member
4) Two representatives of JFMC working from the Tiger reserve as nominated by the Field Director – Members
5) Two front line staff of BTR not below the rank of DR/Fr nominated by the FD – Member(s)

6) Senior between the two DFDs of BTR shall be nominated by the FD as Member Secretary to the Executive Committee

Registered Office of the Trust Office of the Field Director, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Alipurduar, Dist- Jalpaiguri
Source of Funds of the Trust – Corpus Fund

i) Grants from the State Govt/ Union Govt

ii) Grants and contribution from other corporate bodies, agencies, institutions and individuals including international funding agencies and non resident Indians

iii) Loans from the Government and financing institutions.

iv) Fees collected by way of user charges – The income generated from levying tourist entry fees and other charges for the service generated out of the Tiger Reserve

Proposed activities of Trust 1) Undertaking welfare measures and community development of2) Forest dependent communities and for the people residing inside Tiger Reserve.
3) Improvement of Habitat as per the approved Tiger conservation Plan
4) Efforts towards mitigation of Man animal Conflict.
5) Strengthening protection measures by involving Joint forest management committees.