The People of Buxa

Like its biological diversity BTR is very rich in its Anthropological diversity. There are 38 Forest Villages, 4 Fixed Demand Holdings and 49 Fringe Villages in the Buxa landscape. A substantial proportion of the population inside BTR comprises of tribes such as Rava, Garo, Mechia, Modesia(Santhal), Rajbanshi, Nepali, Bhutia etc. the people are mostly farmers or labourers in farms and Tea Gardens. Relationships of villagers within their own group and with other groups are normally good.

Employment & Livelihood :

Forest villagers are totally dependent on the forest for firewood, small timber, cattle grazing and NTFPs. 62 Joint Forest Management committees (JFMC) have been constituted to involve people in forest protection and in turn share the revenue generated with the people. Forest Department provides employment opportunities to the people in various forestry works as Plantation Watchers, Fire Watchers, Eco Guides, Anti Depredation Helpers etc. they constitute the chief labour force in various forestry works taken up all through the year. Vocational trainings like Carpet Weaving, Sewing, Preparation of Jute and Bamboo Handicrafts, Apiculture, Computer Education, Soft Toys Making, Driving, Pisciculture etc are being given to the people to improve their livelihood and in turn reduce dependence on forests.

Welfare measures :

Various developmental works like construction of low cost houses, toilets, culverts, community halls, elephant proof trenches, energized fences, electrification, communication, vocational training etc are being taken up in the forest villages under various developmental schemes of the government. Because of these measures the relationships between forest villagers and forest officials are cordial.

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