Threats to BTR

1. Tea gardens and Unemployment

There are 40 Tea Gardens all along the periphery of BTR and there is huge unemployed and seasonally employed man force that put pressure on the forests in way of collecting firewood, timber, cattle grazing and occasionally poaching small animals. Illicit

felling, firewood collection.The people living in and around BTR depend on forests for firewood requirement. People are involved in illicit felling of valuable Sal and teak trees.

2.  Grazing

The forest and fringe villagers and tea garden laboursrear large number of cattle which are left into the forests for grazing which can harm the plantations and also can spread diseases to the wild herbivores.

3. Rail lines and Roads passing through BTR

Broad-gauge rail line passes through the BTR forests and trains run day and night. Many elephants have died in rail accidents in recent times. A number of PWD roads and a National Highway having busy traffic pass through BTR, because of which accidents of wildlife occur.

3. Fire

During dry months fire is set up in the forests mostly by local people to ensure good growth of grass after rains.

4. Man-Animal Conflict :

BTR forest with periphery of 330km is surrounded by numerous tea gardens and cultivated land of villages. Over the decades there have been large scale changes in the landscape outside the forests by way of intensive cultivation, growth of human habitations in villages and towns and in tea gardens. Many of the tea gardens are important corridors of wildlife. The tea gardens and Revenue village situated on the periphery witness highest intensity Man animal conflict especially of Elephant depredation. Leopard straying is common in tea gardens. Bison straying is also a regular annual phenomenon during the months of Feb to April. Straying of wild animals especially elephants, bison and leopard into the human habitations causes damage to crops, property and also human life. BTR management with the help of squads comprising local members from Forest protection committee’s tries to mitigate the conflict. In addition damage to life and property is compensated by Govt.