Types of Forest

 Semi-Evergreen-Forest  Hill-Forest Riverine-Forest
 Semi Evergreen Forest  Sal-Forest  Semi-Evergreen-Forest

Forest Classification as per composition of Crops : 

S/L No. Types Champion and Seth’s classification Principal localities of occurrence
I. Riverine Forests Northern dry deciduous seral Sal, Khair, Sissoo, Simul Association (5B/IS2) River banks of Rydak, Pana, Jainti, Dhawla, Basra in NRD, CRD, MKT, Pana, Bhutri, Jainti, Dhawla , BNB and GDB blocks.
II. Sal forests Eastern Bhabar and Terai Sal (3C/CIb and 3C/CIC) Bhabar sal forest occurs in Raimatang, Jainti and few comptts of NRVK blocks.Terai sal forest occurs in S.Rydak, SRVK and Damanpur Blocks.
III. Dry mixed forests East Himalayan Moist Mixed deciduous forest (3C/C3b) Northern part of the Reserve. More/ less north of 25thmile.
IV. Wet mixed forests Sub-Himalayan Secondary Wet Mixed forest (2B/2S3) The forests South of 21stMile and some portion of S.Rydak block.
V. Semi-evergreen forests Eastern Sub-montane semi-evergreen forest (2B/CIb) This type is found in RTG-2, 3, STB-3, 4, Tashigaon-1 and Bhutanghat-1, 2 compartments.
VI. Evergreen forests Northern Tropical Evergreen forests (1B/C1a) This type is found close to streams which rises in the plains and occupies a very small area in comparison to other types.
VII. Hill forests East Himalayan Subtropical Wet Hill forest (8B/CI) Found in Adma, Chunabhati, Tobgaon, Santrabari, Tashigaon, Fashkhawa, and Hatipota blocks.
VIII. Savannah forests Moist Sal Savannah (3C/DSI) and Low alluvium Savannah woodland (3C/3/1S1) Riverine areas of N.Rydak, S.Rydak and Bholka blocks.