Constitution and History

The Forest Department in the year 1866 took  over the forests of Buxa Tiger Reserve and prior to that these used to be an unoccupied wasteland. Those forests came under British rule in 1865 and the first reservations were made in 1879 according to the Indian Forest Act (Act VIII of 1878) and the process continued till 1940. Thus most of the forest areas of the Tiger Reserve enjoy the status of reserved forests under the provision of the Indian Forest Act (IFA), 1927 up to 1982. BTR was constituted in the Year 1983 in Jalpaiguri District vide Govt. of India’s notification No. J-11025/18/B/FRY (PT) dated, 16th February, 1983 and became the 15th Tiger Reserve of the Country. Buxa Tiger Reserve was formed over an area of 758.78 Sq. Km of reserved forests vide Govt. of India’s notification No.J-11025/18/B/FRY (PT) dt.16-02-1983. District Magistrate, Jalpaiguri transferred 209.84 Ha resumed tea garden forest lands Vide memo no. 346(10)/LR-C dt.15.05.89 for inclusion in BTR. Thus, the total area of BTR is 760.87 km2.

An area of 314.52 km2 was declared as Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary vide Notification No.316-For/11B-1/86 dated. 24-01-1986 under section 18 of Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Subsequently, Collector/ Jalpaiguri carried out proceedings for settlement of rights and concessions under section 19 to 25 of said Act and declared that no rights of anyone exists over an area of 331.60 km2 of Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary  vide his memo No.346(10)/ LR-C  dt.15-05-1989. Thus an area of (331.60 – 314.52) or 17.08 Km2 is yet to be Notified as Sanctuary by the Govt. of West Bengal. Field Director/BTR had communicated the matter vide his memo No.1260/28-42 dt. 18-09-91 to the Conservator of Forests, WL circle/ WB for taking necessary action from his end so that a corrected notification would come. In the year 1990, an additional area of 54.47 km2 was added to the Sanctuary vide Notification No.7588-For/11B-24/90 dt. 06-10-90 and 12-For/11B-24/90 dt. 01-01-91 under section 18(1) of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 making the Sanctuary area of total 386.07 Sq. Km. Settlement proceedings by the District collector in respect of 54.47 km2 are yet to be completed under section 19 to 25 of the said Act. In 1992 an area of 117.10 km2 of the Sanctuary was preliminarily notified as National Park under section 35(2) of Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 vide notification no.85-For/11B-42/91 dt 06-01-92 and finally constituted as Buxa National Park vide Notification No.3403-For/11B-6/95 dt. 05-12-1997, under section 35(4) of the said Act.

BTR stretches over a length of 50 km. from west to east and 35 km. from north to south. The total area of the Reserve is 760.87 km2. of which 386.07 km2. has been constituted as Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park and the balance 374.80 km2 area as Reserved Forests and Other Protected Forests.

The total core area of Buxa Tiger Reserve is of 390.581 sq. km. The break up of National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in the core is given below :

Sl no Status Area in
1. Buxa National Park 117.23
2. Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary 273.35
                                                                                    Total 390.58